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Pleather is a type of fake leather. The word pleather comes from ‘plastic’ and ‘leather’. Plastic is the material used in pleather, instead of animal skin. Pleather is synthetic, and it is often used instead of regular leather in certain items of clothing or furniture. The material first became available in the 1970s, although it wasn’t originally very popular.

Today, many people choose to use pleather as a way to avoid using animal materials. Traditional leather is made from cow skin, or sometimes the skin of other animals like pigs or alligators. Pleather has the look of traditional leather, but it uses easy to make plastic instead of animal matter. It is a preferred material for people against animal cruelty or unnecessary use of animal products.

Pleather can be used in many different products. Clothing is often made out of pleather, such as jackets, pants, skirts, or shoes. It can also be used for accessories, such as purses, jewelry, and more. Pleather is often preferred over traditional leather due to the fact that it is more flexible than the latter material. This makes it easier to get on and more comfortable to wear, as it allows more freedom of movement.

Pleather is also preferred for its easy care. Leather is difficult to care for, and it can become warped and faded when exposed to water. Pleather, on the other hand, can be wiped down with water if it becomes dirty. The integrity of the material will not be comprised by this cleaning. Pleather can also be wiped down with a cloth that has some laundry detergent and water as well. For this reason, it is more practical for many people.

This material can be much more affordable than traditional animal leather. This makes it a more affordable choice for people on a budget. Because of this, pleather is very popular with the general public. While originally leather was only worn by people with a lot of money, today anyone can achieve the look with the synthetic, plastic version of the material.