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Nubuck is a certain type of leather made out of cow skin. This particular leather is made by sanding the cattle skin or buffed until it is soft and velvety. Through this process, the leather becomes very durable and resistant to wear and fading. It will become similar to suede, although nubuck is made from the outer side of the cattle leather instead of the inner side.

This material is one of the most durable types of leather. Because of this, it is more expensive than other types of leather, including suede. Because of this, nubuck is considered a luxury material. It is often used in expensive furniture such as couches or armchairs. It might also be used in shoes or luxury handbags. The durability makes the material highly desirable, yet more pricey.

Nubuck will show imperfections more easily than other types of leather, due to the use of the outer layer. The sanding process can also cause some noticeable imperfections. Because of this, the leather will often be dyed to hide these imperfections and increase the durability. This includes different colors and clear dyes.

This material is often used for furniture. This is because the durability makes furniture long-lasting and durable enough for everyday use. While it is durable, nubuck furniture needs proper care and cleaning. Nubuck cannot be cleaned like regular leather, and leather oils or shoe polish can damage the nap on this particular material. The best way to clean nubuck is to use a special, nubuck specific brush to lightly remove dust and other particles. Large pieces of furniture can also be gently vacuumed.

One thing to remember about nubuck is that it is easily dyeable. This means that if you have a light colored nubuck, you need to be careful about spills and messes. Many people choose furniture that is made of dark dyed nubuck so that any spills or stains will be hidden and not ruin the furniture. This can be especially important for families with pets or young children. Many dark colors are available, since nubuck can be dyed easily. Black, dark brown, or other dark options are good choices for furniture.