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A visit to the Big Apple wouldn’t be complete without a night out at one of the city’s famous theatres. Whether you decide to go for a big Broadway show or something a little more low-key, you’ll be guaranteed an exceptional evening’s entertainment in this theatre capital of the world. There’s a huge amount of variety to choose from, so there should be something on offer in New York City to suit any taste.

If you’re a fan of musicals, Broadway is the place to be. Officially defined as a theatre with 500 or more seats, and generally (but not necessarily) located in Manhattan’s theatre district, these theatres offer big budget productions and famous faces. The pricing tends to be pretty high, so if you’re visiting New York on a tighter budget you might want to look into buying seats a while in advance of your trip. This also would be wise if you want to see a show that’s particularly popular and may sell out. To save cash, try queuing at Times Square’s TKTS discount booth on the day; you might find some great seats available at lower prices. If one of your favourite actors is featuring in a production, try out the Broadway tradition of hanging around by the stage door after the show to catch a glimpse and maybe score an autograph; be sure to have your Playbill to hand and a pen just in case.

If you’re looking for something a little further from the beaten track, look into some Off-Broadway theatre tickets. At these smaller theatres you’ll find more intimate performances and often more interesting theatrical experiences, particularly if you’re more keen on plays than musicals. Off-Off-Broadway productions are performed in tiny studios or theatres and will definitely get you a less touristy vibe, so if you’re a fan of monologue performances or something a little more avant-garde, this may be worth checking out.