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A great lamp or light can brighten up your space in more ways than one. With the right buy, it can add a new element of style or a pop of colour to your home, and there are plenty of interesting designs out there. Here are some of the best:


The Balloon Lamp;, £69

This fun design will look whimsical and sweet on a nursery wall, or for older children’s bedrooms. Group a few together to create a clever effect.2

Vita Eos Feather;, £50-75

For a unique and quirky feel to your room, try this feather light. It comes available in two sizes to suit your space, and can be blown clean with a hairdryer for added practicality.


Doncaster light;, £85

This fascinating design will bring a nautical touch to your home and comes with LED bulbs built-in to keep your room lit up for longer stretches of time.


Macie table lamp;, £450

For those with a slightly bigger budget and a love for all things warm and cosy, Melanie Porter has designed this knitted wool lamp that will brighten any cold room this winter.


Stella lamp;, from £85

From the Sheila Bownas Archive of 1950’s patterns, designer Zoe Darlington has brought us this fascinating, eye-catching lamp. Using vintage materials, the lamps she creates have a truly one of a kind feel that will certainly enhance your interior.


Harlequin contour table lamp;, £250

For those who love a monochromatic look with a contemporary edge, this ridged, classic lamp designed with Elstead Lighting will suit perfectly.


Davey School ceiling lamp,, £389

With a copper insert to soften the overall look of the lamp, this design from the homeware experts at John Lewis is great for those seeking more industrial pieces for their home. Hang this in your kitchen for a cool, contemporary edge.