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Below is a catalog of some of the most popular product reviews I have compiled based on my experiences:

Washing Machines: A washing machine is a big purchase, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’ve compiled some of my research and reviews here based on decisions I’ve made…both good and bad.

Chromebook: The very popular Chromebook, produced by Google, is good for certain purposes and not great for others. Find out more in my thorough review.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance can be crucial but tricky. What is really covered? I’ve had both good and bad experiences, and wanted to share them in my travel insurance review.

Garage Door Opener: Kind of a random thing to talk about, but I was looking to buy a garage door opener a few years back and couldn’t find any good information! So here are my thoughts.

Trail Camera: I love hiking, and it’s hard to find a good camera. Here are some of my thoughts on the best trail cameras.

Home Security Systems: Being safe is the most important thing. I’ve done extensive research on home security and it’s the right thing to do to share what has made people safe…and what has no.

French Door Refrigerator: My wife was looking for one of these and we did some research. I thought it would be nice to share what I found out.

LegalZoom: The leading provider of legal services has gotten a lot of press over the years. But how much of it is really true? I’ve compiled some of my honest opinions here in my legalzoom review.

Underwater Camera: Another topic that was hard to find. I’m very passionate about scuba diving, so I wanted to put together a resource for finding great underwater cameras.