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If you’re looking to transform your bathroom from the everyday into a truly spa-worthy, serene space, look no further than the Stocco Origami Collection. The Italian company has produced a line of bathroom designs that feature clean lines and stylish, glamorous bathtubs and sinks, all inspired by the Japanese paper-folding art. True to the name, these designs can be manipulated and customised like origami paper to create a space that is truly your own.


The highlight of Stocco’s line is surely its bathtubs, all of which are modern and sophisticated and perfect for a relaxing soak any day of the week. The carved sides of the tubs are made of Cristalplant, a unique material that is easy to maintain and highly eco-friendly; it offers a soft touch feel and is made up mainly of natural minerals, along with being 100% recyclable. The tub side, like much of the entire collection from Stocco, can be altered to suit your personal taste. If you find yourself inspired, you can adjust the colours, extensions and carvings and add special customisations like photographs, logos and shelves to create a truly unique look to your bathroom. At every stage, Stocco has provided the foundation to the line, while you’re in control of the end results.


The best thing about Origami by far is the lighting effects, which bring the design quality of this line to a whole new level. The Stocco5Sensi lighting technology can be adjusted to find the perfect atmosphere you’re looking to create, and the light is then filtered through the carved designs in the fixtures. An underwater effect is created with tubs like the Vasca Traforata, with light streaming through the geometric cutouts that have been carved to your specifications. Extensions can also be added to the tubs to create additional space, giving you plenty of room to luxuriate for hours and really soak in the Stocco experience.