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Michael Jackson net worth: Michael Jackson may be one of the most famous people of all time. He is known around the world for his influences on music and dance. Before his death, his net worth was an estimated $600 million. At the peak of his career, it is estimated that he earned between $50 to $100 million a year. His money mostly came from his music and touring, but he also had some prominent endorsement deals which earned him millions. Companies like Pepsi contributed to his earnings through advertisements and promotions.

michael jackson net worth

Jackson started his rise to fame in 1964, when he formed the band The Jackson Brothers with his brothers. The band, later renamed The Jackson 5 became very popular and had many hits in the top 40. The band would continue to be successful, although Jackson would branch out and start his solo activities in 1979. Through his solo albums and singles, Jackson would win several awards, including Grammys and American Music Awards. In addition to being recognized for his musical talent, people began to notice Jackson’s dancing techniques. His dancing in Thriller became very popular, and Jackson would win a Grammy for Best Music Video for it. His success continued for many years, and he remained popular even after becoming less active in the music industry. (

Michael Jackson’s relationships are a popular topic for fans. His first public relationship was with Tatum O’Neal, when the two were just children. He was then linked to Brooke Shields for several years. His first major relationship would then be with Lisa Marie Presley, who he would marry in 1994. However, the couple would experience many difficulties throughout their marriage and they were divorced in 1996. Following this, Jackson would marry a woman willing to carry his children; Debbie Rowe. They married in 1996 to avoid scandal due to Rowe carrying Jackson’s children out of wedlock. They had two children together before Rowe became uncomfortable with the arrangement and asked for divorce in 1999. Jackson had another child with an unnamed surrogate. He would not have another romantic relationship before his death in 2009.