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After the sad dismissal of Howard Middleton and a lot of melodrama in the tent last week, the nation steeled itself for a tense showdown on The Great British Bake Off this week.

Innuendos and puns were on the menu, as usual, as was good old-fashioned suet pudding, which, unsurprisingly, most of the bakers had never made before. The final 6 tackled their puddings with relative ease compared to previous weeks, indicating that the standard of competition is now pretty high with the final episodes approaching fast. Christine did seem to have the advantage from the start having actually made suet pudding for her husband (it’s his favourite), but her strength flagged in the rest of the episode.

Second round, the technical, involved some tricky little choux buns, which were shakier all round than the suet puddings had been. Christine fell from grace having burned hers to a crisp, while “it’s actually very simple” Kimberley was forced to eat her words as she dropped to 5th place. Beca came out on top, while the favourite, self declared “cat lady” student Ruby held her own in 2nd place.

The show stopper round was where we saw Glenn, and his pastry, truly fall apart, ignoring Paul’s advice and mixing up his butter and pastry in a new and interesting way, which turned out to just be the wrong way. To no one’s surprise really given last week’s equally weak performance, that was the end of poor schoolteacher Glenn, and of the men in the competition in general, leaving us with an all-female quarter final this year and inevitably a woman winner. After struggling for weeks under slightly overblown accusations of “all style no substance” baking, Frances finally got Star Baker this week, with a musical themed show stopper bake that actually pleased the judges.

That leaves us waiting with baited breath for next week’s Bake Off, and with only a few weeks to go it looks set to be anyone’s game.