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Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Combining beautiful beaches, wonderful wilderness and amazing creatures not found anywhere else on Earth, it’s no wonder that millions of people visit every year for their holidays and vacations. One question many tourists have before landing in Australia is – what will I eat there? Unlike countries with long histories such as Italy or China, Australia has no internationally recognised cuisine. It does however have a great selection of dishes native to the country that you should check out while there, and just about every cuisine from anywhere in the world is available in this most cosmopolitan of countries.

At a Restaurant

Australians love eating out at restaurants. The recent boom in the economy, largely fuelled by mining, has increased disposable incomes for almost all Australians, leading them to eat out more regularly. This is great news for tourists as so many new restaurants have opened up in the last few years catering for a wider range of cuisines, atmospheres and budgets than ever before. In many places you can simply stumble out of your room and find a place to dine within a few minutes. Checking online beforehand for customer reviews is always recommended though, and can also be a great way of discovering hidden gems that are located off the beaten track.

Ordering a Take Away

Of course some days you might not feel like getting dressed up to eat out. If you don’t fancy cooking for yourself, or you don’t have the facilities to do so, why not order a take away. Gone are the days when take away meals were restricted to pizza, Indian and Chinese. Now you can even order sophisticated restaurant cuisine delivered to your door. For instance a quick search on the Australian food site eatnow reveals options as wide as Turkish, Korean, Gourmet, Mexican, Thai and Nepalese – in addition to all the classic take away cuisines. So if you’re tired from a long day at the beach and just want to relax, perhaps watching a movie with the family, ordering a take away could offer food choices as diverse as going out.

At a Bar

Australia is famous for its beer, with certain Australian lagers enjoying worldwide popularity. The country loves drinking out at bars, and you can find drinking spots everywhere from inner cities to on the beach side. While some of these focus exclusively on beer, others offer a wide range of food options too. It’s arguably in this form of eating that Australian has innovated it’s own distinct food cuisine. While the mixed grill might be the most famous, try some of the more home grown options such as Oysters Kilpatrick and Reef and Beef. The best options combine ingredients from Australia’s coasts with its hinterland. You could even try some unusual meats such as Kangaroo! Even if you don’t fancy the local specialities, Australian bars often have other classics from pubs around the world, such as Fish and Chips and Chicken Parmigiana.