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4 Storylines We Can’t Wait to Catch Up with on Game of Thrones

The third season of Game of Thrones ended with a bang so shocking and gruesome it made Ned Stark’s game-changing beheading at the end of Season 1 seem like a hackneyed plot turn. The deaths of beloved characters, a near-miss reunion for far-flung Starks, the loss of all hopes for the North–not a few viewers were so traumatized by the Red Wedding they vowed to never tune into GoT again. But months later, now that our tears have dried and the “Rains of Castamere” stopped echoing, we’re itching for more scheming, sex, and shackle-breaking from our favourite residents of Essos and Westeros–from the ones who are still alive of course. Last season was a bloodbath, but it did set the grounds for future exciting arcs that may make you forget the show ever broke our hearts. We can’t cover everything to come in HBO’s abridged version of George R. R. Martin’s huge universe and our foresight is as cloudy as Melisandre’s, but these are the four storylines we’re most looking forward to.

Another Wedding in the Works
As we all know, a Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair, and most of Game of Thrones weddings have been anything but dull. Last season Sansa was married off to Tyrion and Edmure Tully to–well, we know how that went. But there’s still another wedding in the works and it promises to be the most lavish yet. Will the long-anticipated nuptials of tyrannical teenager Joffrey to Margaery Tyrell, rose of Highgarden yield further drama? And what about Joffrey’s twin parents Jaime and Cersei, recently reunited? Will Cersei accept a now handless and battered Kingslayer? And finally, will Sansa come to further regret not fleeing with Littlefinger, as her marriage to Tyrion continues and her hopes of return to her family have vanished? In Westeros, the romances–or at least the marriage–provide as much drama as the wars and conspiracies they broker.

The Dornish Are Coming
Casting announcements for Oberyn Martell and Elia Sand have sent book-reading fans into a dizzy. We can’t reveal how exactly we’ll meet the Dornish but the people from Westeros’ sultry southern foot will be a welcome addition to an already overflowing cast.

The Battle at the Wall
When we left Jon Snow, he’d returned to his brothers–and celibacy– at the Night’s Watch, abandoning his Wildling Juliet, Ygritte, and his pretense of being a turncoat just as Mance Rayder planned to march on the Wall. Season 4 will surely include the collision between these two armies, with the lovers caught in the middle of it all. Meanwhile, Davos’ discovery of the letter of plea from the Night’s Watch and Melisandre’s prophecy about Stannis saving the North may mean help for the threadbare Brothers in Black is on its way–and the defeated Stannis is back in the game.

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Shackles
Daenerys has been travelling around Slaver’s Bay, cowing lords, toppling cities, and freeing thousands from bondage with the help of her dragons and Unsullied. How will she rule over this conquered territory–and how will she feed the people who call her “Mhysa” (mother)? Will Jorah Mormont finally express his long-held feelings for Dany? And will the lost Targaryen princess finally get a little closer to reclaiming the one throne she really wants–the Iron Throne of Westeros?

There’s no official air date for Season 4 but don’t look for it before March or April. If you can’t wait that long and haven’t yet dipped into George R. R. Martin’s original A Song of Ice and Fire series, you can snatch up the first book, A Game of Thrones at Dymocks and spoil yourself.