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Although many flock from around the world to visit Cape Town for its sun, sea and natural beauty, there’s more to the city than meets the eye. The Mother City of South Africa is rich with cultural heritage and opportunities to learn about the country’s social and natural history; so don’t miss out on the great museums that this city has to offer.

In the very centre of Cape Town, you’ll find “Museum Mile”, a beautiful area cloistered by trees, with the stunning Company’s Garden park at its heart. After relaxing in the public park and exploring its diverse plant life and aviary, you’ll have easy access to a huge variety of museums and the city’s planetarium.

The Iziko South African museum is home to all sorts of fascinating artefacts: fossils, ancient stone tools, traditional African clothes and beadwork and rock art are all included in the museum’s vast collection, along with a host of temporary exhibitions that change throughout the year, covering a variety of topics. Kids will love the Whale Well, where they can see massive wale bones and casts of sea creatures.

For the social history enthusiast and those interested in the history of apartheid in Cape Town, a visit to the District Six museum is an absolute must. This museum tells the story of the community of residents that were forcibly removed from the area in the 1960’s and relocated in the “Cape Flats” region outside the city. The exhibitions on show offer an interesting and sensitive insight into the community’s struggles, and attempts to keep its story alive while educating future generations with the hope of rebuilding Cape Town’s future.

Many of Cape Town’s best museums are located in its city centre, and are easily accessible by foot, but you may want to consider the CitySightseeing Bus tour if you’d like to explore further out of the city and be dropped off at various cultural landmarks throughout its route. This bus also offers spectacular views of the scenery and natural beauty around Cape Town, while providing commentary so you can learn along the way.