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This is a directory of some of the most popular celebrities to catalog their net worth and relationship status:

Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods is one of the richest and most successful golfers of all time, with a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, he has been the subject of tremendous relationship turmoil with the affair and the divorce of his former wife Elin Nordgren.

Drake: Drake is a rapper worth more than $40 million. His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, and he rose to prominence in the last few years. Read more about him here.

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus was one of the leading child stars, and has turned into a brand of her own. With a flourishing acting and music career, her net worth is greater than $100 million. She also recently called off her engagement to a leading film star. Read on to find out who!

Justin Timberlake: The everpresent JT built his career as the lead singer of NSync, and has tens of millions of dollars. But it’s not all generated from his musical acts. JT also has a flourishing film career and investments in other ventures. He’s been the darling of Hollywood women, with a pretty amazing dating history. Find who Justin Timberlake’s girlfriends were and who he’s dating now.

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, but still has a tremendous musical and financial legacy. Read the full profile on Michael Jackson’s net worth here.

Eddie Murphy: From Trading Places and Coming To America to Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy has been a staple of the American movie scene. But what about his personal life? Has he built up his wealth or frittered it away? And his relationship? Find out about the net worth of Eddie Murphy here.


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Britney Spears

: Ah, Britney. Who could forget Britney? The once-upon-a-time most popular girl in music hasn’t seemed to do much in recent times. But she still made out like a bandit from the go-go 90s, and her money is carefully managed. Find out how she has fared financially.

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Adam Sandler: One of my favorite actors for sure, but how has he been rewarded? Pretty well as it turns out. Not just as an actor, but as a producer as well. His company, Happy Madison productions, is responsible for many hit films, and has bolstered Adam Sandler’s financials recent years.

Lady Gaga: The “madonna” of our time is continuously on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. And her business interests continue to grow as well. Find out more.

Tom Cruise:

One of America’s most iconic actors is also one of the richest, but with an equally stormy relationship history. Tom Cruise has built a fortune of more than $250 million, but how did he do it?